#GazaUnderAttack – Palestine & Israel: Follow the Movement not the Man

Posted: July 27, 2014 in Irish, Unpublished


The article (see link below) raises valid points. Some of which I agree with. How they chose to present these points is not valid and I do not agree with. It is written by the ‘Northern Ireland Unionist Collective Group’ who exist to;

“encourage and facilitate debate within the loyalist community with the aim of seeking positive ways to move our communities forward.”

Debate within the loyalist community would indeed be welcome, as precious little is seen from the outside.

In the article, the writer makes reference to the cliché of ‘Freedom Fighter’ V ‘Terrorist’ and chooses the later. Surprisingly, for someone from the ‘Northern Ireland Unionist’ community, they do so in reference to Israel.

He makes the points that the “…Israeli terrorist groups of the 1940s…modelled themselves on the IRA.” And that Yitzhak Shamir took the code-name ‘Michael’ as a tribute to Michael Collins. They then make one of many errors in the piece and claim there was admiration between “…Irish republicanism and Zionism…”. This is not true.

Whatever admiration existed, did so as a result of Jewish suffering – NOT Zionism.

The insignificant links between Irish Republicans and Germans during WW2, that the writer notes, existed purely on the basis of ‘my enemy’s enemy’. Nothing else. In fact it is Britain, and not just their royal family, who must take responsibility for the thousands of Jews they sent back to Hitler’s gas chambers. Some of whom were rounded up on the Channel Islands.

While the writer attempts to make these tentative links between Irish Republicanism and German Fascism, he neglects the stance Irish Republicans took against fascist Franco. Many of whom did so, paid for it with their lives and opposition from the Catholic Church.

He is right in stating Menachim Begin was an admirer of the Irish revolution against British imperialism. He admired our stance of ignoring their courts. A very powerful stance to take and aligned with Irish republican principles. What the writer neglects to mention here is that, Begin was influenced by how badly the Irish movement was infiltrated with informants. As a result, Begin kept his cells as small as possible and everything was on a need to know basis.

Terrorist Army

So let’s look at that old chestnut of a word ‘Terrorist’ whose definition depends on who holds the power. As they say – ‘it’s what the big army calls the little army’. Those with the power label their enemy as ‘Terrorist’, slaves to mainstream media believe it and oppose the every action of the ‘Terrorist’ no matter what their reasoning may be. Terrorist is only ever used in the pejorative sense.

Despite this meaning, Begin took pride in being called a ‘terrorist’ by British imperialists. He believed – if you call me this, I must be terrorising you, which means you must be afraid of me, so my work here is done.

The bond between Irish Republicanism and the Jewish fight for freedom is something we should be proud of. Proud that we stood in solidarity with the Jewish people in their hour of need. Likewise, we should be equally proud of abandoning it when it was distorted into Zionism and abuse of Palestinians. Thereby turning freedom into oppression.

The support Irish Republicans give to Palestine is proof positive that we are interested in the movement, not the man. We support freedom and independence and oppose oppression, no matter who leads it, no matter how much we may have supported or opposed them in the past. This will always be the way.



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