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Dessie Ellis

Nowhere in the article does Dessie Ellis (Sinn Féin TD) mention the words ‘kangaroo courts’. This is journalism 2014 in Ireland.

Regardless, the article will be seized upon by the usual two groupings.

  1. Anti-Shinners – hate Sinn Féin (SF) because they believe SF have dropped Irish Republicanism and forgotten about a united Ireland.
  2. Anti-Shinners – hate all Irish Republicans for being Irish Republicans, opposing British rule in Ireland and wanting a united Ireland.

Group 2 will always pursue these kind of stories. Group 1 should not allow themselves be used by Group 2.

This story, along with the recent reports from SF’s old and current enemy, that Dessie Ellis was linked with 50 killings and so forth is nonsensical. It is about as newsworthy as reporting “Baker bakes his 50th cake”. Bombing and killing is what revolutionaries and soldiers do. This is part of the horror of war.

Irish people need to wake up to the fact that 1969 – 1997 was war. What did people expect? To fight an enemy that used highly trained commandos, armed murdering militia, undercover military units, shoot to kill and so on with words?

How SF and the IRA are reported to have dealt with sex abuse is deplorable. It is sickening. If the reports are in fact true. Yet did people expect the IRA to report it to their local RUC station? They operated as a military organisation fighting an enemy. Why would they recognise the authority of that enemy?

However, this episode asks many interesting questions of SF and other Irish republicans. As they did not and do not recognise the legitimacy of the claimed Governments, is it not a nonsense to expect them to ‘face trial’ for this or any other matter?

If, on the other hand, Irish Republicans do recognise the legitimacy of claimed Governments, they have no choice but to face trial.

Surely this would then ridicule the cause they pretend(ed) to stand for?